Kids Books


As part of our impact to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion We will create content around a diverse range of characters that will inspire kids to broaden their dreams.

Michael Montgomery Kids Book

ISFF is working with Michael Montgomery on a kids book that tells his powerful story of overcoming a congenital heart defect to play at Texas A&M and then in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers. $5000 in donations will unlock the rest of the book, “Heart of a Lion.”

Artist Mikayla Pete

High school Senior Mikayla Pete has had a passion for drawing from the day she could hold a pencil. She is the lead artist for our animated kids book series. Currently a proud NHS member and Computer Science major and will be a first generation college student. Dedicated to receiving her black belt in 2023 she has been training for 6 consecutive years with Kickstart kids. “Though I like to explore a variety of my interests, tech included, drawing and illustration will always be a core part of me.”


ISFF hosts a podcast with different athletes. Some topics that are discussed are how athletes are introduced to sports, what life lessons they’ve learned from being an athlete both on and off the field.

Kids Books & Animated Films

ISFF founder Josh Merwin is creating kids books will graphic artist Mikayla Pete. Books will be based on athletes that have been interviewed during our podcast. These books will have a significant focus on athlete’s from diverse backgrounds, especially ones who have overcome obstacles to succeed. This will enable us to inspire kids to expend their dreams by introducing characters that look like them.

Loni Unser Female Empowerment and Inspiration

ISFF will help students create a short film on Porsche driver Loni Unser as she competes in the 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The film will touch on the Unser family’s racing legacy at the PPIHC and Loni’s place carrying on the family legacy. It will also be used to inspire more girls to dream about entering the world of motorsports.

Gas vs. Electric

ISFF will help students create a short film that explores the transition from gas to electric cars in motorsports. This will be a great opportunity for film students to educate the audience about the differences between the two and their impact on climate change.

Renee Brinkerhoff

ISFF will help students create a short film on Renée Brinkerhoff who’s first race was in Mexico, at the La Carrera Panamericana. After that unique accomplishment Renée discovered that she had a calling to continue to push the limits of extreme vintage rally racing and use her platform to raise awareness and funds to combat child trafficking globally.