Our team’s goal is to create a safe space for education and creativity. We are focused on helping kids gain access to art and athletics, two areas that are increasingly lacking in public funding. Through our work we will empower the dreamers and inspire the next generation.

Founder Josh Merwin

Josh Merwin has viewed the world through a camera lens since he was 8 years old. He combined his mom’s passion for photography and his dad’s love of sports and started his career shooting for ESPN Magazine and Sports Illustrated. His passion for storytelling grew and after working on a documentary film for 12 years, he realized the need for a major sports film festival. This led to the creation of the International Sports Film Festival, a place that will help other filmmakers launch their stories and encourage the next generation to follow their dreams.

ISFF Advisory Board

Felice Schimmel – Founding Partner & Director of Partnerships

Josh Danziger – Hollywood Advisor

Barry Warner – Houston Radio Legend

More coming soon…

TTL – Houston Board

The board for our non-profit 501c3 is made up of leaders in their field who care deeply about the education of the next generation and the power of storytelling. More info coming soon.

Terry Merwin

Lisa Simon

Jordan Scheiner

Josh Merwin