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Through The Lens (a 501c3 non-profit organization) empowers students to find their voice through the medium of photography and film to create a positive change in their community.

The Festival is hosted by the non-profit organization Through the Lens – Houston whose mission is to teach kids the power of storytelling through their own eyes, empowering them to create short films on a variety of topics affecting their communities. 

Celebrity Sports Events

ISFF will partner with a local team or athlete to create a Celebrity sports event as a joint fundraiser for the athlete/team’s Foundation and ISFF’s charity, Through the Lens. Proceeds will be split 50/50. We will use the power of film to highlight these causes.

Access & Philanthropy

ISFF will partner with Athletes, Team & Foundations to screen short films & host sports activities that create greater access to sports in underprivileged communities.

We will partner to give philanthropic athletes a platform to raise awareness and revenue for their charitable causes.

Athlete Ambassadors

We will partner with athletes to create an Athlete Ambassador program. This will consist of levels of fundraising paired with creating content of their life and story. From kids books to a documentary film, the content we create will be powerful and impactful, sharing their story with their fans.

Filmmaking Workshop

ISFF is partnering with film students from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs to create short films on the drivers and cars competing at the 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.