Fighting Antisemitism

The past few years we have seen an increase in Antisemitism in the sports and entertainment worlds. To fight this, We will create an educational class around the films Glickman and Adidas vs. Puma that brings together athletes, entertainers and our audience, teaching them the history of antisemitism and why is so important to fight … Read more

Josh’s Inspirational Journeys, Dream Big

ISFF founder Josh Merwin is creating animated kids books with graphic artist Mikayla Pete, titled “Josh’s Inspirational Journeys, Dream Big.” These animated books will tell the stories of athlete’s from diverse backgrounds. They will explore how the athlete was introduced to sports, what sports has help them overcome in life and what profession that are … Read more

Gino Bartali Kids Book

ISFF is working on an animated kids book that tells the powerful story of Gino Bartali. Gino was a legendary Italian cyclist who risked his life to protect Jewish refugees and support the Italian resistance during World War II.

Athlete Ambassadors

We will partner with athletes to create an Athlete Ambassador program. This will consist of levels of fundraising paired with creating content of their life and story. From kids books to a documentary film, the content we create will be powerful and impactful, sharing their story with their fans.

Access & Philanthropy

ISFF will partner with Athletes, Team & Foundations to screen short films & host sports activities that create greater access to sports in underprivileged communities. We will partner to give philanthropic athletes a platform to raise awareness and revenue for their charitable causes.

Celebrity Sports Events

ISFF will partner with a local team or athlete to create a Celebrity sports event as a joint fundraiser for the athlete/team’s Foundation and ISFF’s charity, Through the Lens. Proceeds will be split 50/50. We will use the power of film to highlight these causes.

TTL – Houston Board

The board for our non-profit 501c3 is made up of leaders in their field who care deeply about the education of the next generation and the power of storytelling. More info coming soon. Terry Merwin Lisa Simon Jordan Scheiner Josh Merwin Miguel Garcia

ISFF Advisory Board

Felice Schimmel – Founding Partner & Director of Partnerships Josh Danziger – Hollywood Advisor Barry Warner – Houston Radio Legend HEATHER BESIGNANO – Publicist ICON PR More coming soon…

Experiences Example 2

Internal Revenue Code section 181 permits a 100% deduction for the first $15 million of the cost of producing a film that is shot in the U.S. Fund Documentaries that are close to your heart with large tax benefits. Help finance our incubated films so together we can make an impact through film.