Josh Meriwn

Educational problems we solve

Using our unique animation process, we help fill gaps in the educational landscape like reading literacy, attention span and mental health. We also bridge the digital divide in education by presenting our films and books virtually and in print.

What our films and books focus on:

Our stories explore how the athlete was introduced to sports, what sports has help them overcome in life and what profession that are interested in off the field. These stories transcend the field of play and will enable us to inspire kids to expand their dreams.

Celebrity Track Days

Sports Film Fest will partner with a local team or athlete to create a Celebrity Sports Event as a fundraiser to fund a Dream Big Film and Book for their Foundation. We will use the power of film to highlight the causes they support.

Celebrity Sports Events Copy

ISFF will partner with a local team or athlete to create a Celebrity sports event as a joint fundraiser for the athlete/team’s Foundation and ISFF’s charity, Through the Lens. Proceeds will be split 50/50. We will use the power of film to highlight these causes.

College Football Championship January 2024

Join us the weekend of January 6-8th in Houston during the College Football Championship. We will present our animated films and kids books on Marty Glickman and Historic Black Quarterbacks from Houston. We will also hold educational art activities. Stay tuned for more info. You can support this powerful programming by making a donation today!

DonkeeBoy’s “Young Art Pros”

Sports Film Fest has been working with DonkeeBoy’s Young Art Pros students to create art that celebrates the Phi Slama Jama team from the 1980’s. These students have created an animated kids book with each page downloadable as a coloring page for kids across the country! These have also created unique Art Backboards that will … Read more

Phi Slama Jama Kids Book

ISFF is partnering with Artist Donkee Boy and his “Young Art Pros” students to create an animated kids book that tells the story of the 1980’s UH basketball team, known as Phi Slama Jama. You can support our educational programming and these students by making a donation today!

Gender Equality

Our platform is focused on equality and creating a level playing field for all. We are committed to creating content that equally represents male and female athletes. We are partnering with organizations to shine a light on female athletes.

We explore the history of sports through film, teaching social justice and starting conversations around the inequalities in sports both on and off the field. With leading partners in diversity, equity and inclusion, we will help create solutions that lead to a more equal playing field for all. You can join us in this fight … Read more